Convert usdc to usdt kucoin

convert usdc to usdt kucoin

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How to Convert USDC to Tether (USDT) on Coinbase - USDC to Tether (USDT)
USDT. Free. $ USDC. Free. $ How much is the withdrawal fee for Tether Usdt from Kucoin? Kucoin withdrawal fee for Tether. If I have USDC how do I convert it to USDT on KuCoin? The interface and all the options are a bit overwhelming. Are there fees to go from USDC. KuCoin ; 18, Polygon / Tether. $7,,, MATIC/USDT. $ USDT ; 19, Bitcoin / USD Coin. $,,, BTC/USDC. $27, USDC.
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